To Be A Man

© 2007 Robert Lydiate

Life's wounds are not so easy to wipe away
They gather up, invade my soul, and there they stay
They eat away, a poison ready to spill out
Limiting my touch, overwhelming my mouth

I see their bodies turning away from me
When I reach out through my shame memories
I hear the works meant to cause them such pain
As from my lips they rush forth with disdain

I wonder how such incredible hate can exist
And how such anger can continue to persist
Then in my mind a memory forms
Of a little boy and treats like thorns

How the good of life was ripped away
How the joy of love was made to pay
For the desire to be wanted and loved
And into a hole my heart was shoved

It took a long time before Light came to bear
On the life lived in such hopeless despair
So many friends who could not come close
So many lies, hidden, unexposed

Then came my Saviour with a love so pure
That I knew my safety He could ensure
I started to peek, to look into that hole
To pull out my heart, my shame to expose

He took it all and looked into my eyes
And called me a Son of the Father All Wise

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© 2007 Livingsky Ministries