© 2007 Robert Lydiate

This is a thank you to a group of people whose journey joined mine,
and who were instrumental in God's being able to break through some barriers in my life.

To those who were with me when the dam opened wide
I offer my thanks and many tears cried

Beautiful Daughter, you touched my soul hard
And offered such hope to one whom life scarred

Dancing in Freedom, so young and so wise
You opened my eyes to those life blocking lies

Generous Spirit so warm and so true
Gave rise to new vision with your quiet words of truth

And you Gentle Rock, a man true to me
Forever a brother, and even more you'll be

Flower of Hope whose voice grew so bold
Gave me the words I needed to be told

Truth Speaker, Truth Speaker, you so quickly discerned
The hope and joy I so easily spurned

The shepherd heart of my Solid Brother
Called to me through the fog which smothered

To all of you whose journey joined mine for a time
May God richly bless and reward you in kind.

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© 2007 Livingsky Ministries