The Servant

© 2007 Robert Lydiate

I saw a man kneeling on the floor

And wondered what he was down there for.

Was it prayer that drove him to his knees,

A struggle with questions only he will see?

Was it pain greater than he could bear,

Or humbleness which put him there?

All of these are very good

When to God bring us they would,

There is another reason though,

For a man to be that low,

And it pleases God to see us so

When we place others first,

To serve them is for what we thirst,

For he knelt in order to clean up

After brothers who spilled their cup.

It may not seem like such a chore

We are supposed to do this and more,

But to me, Jesus he did show

And as a servant taught me to grow.

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© 2007 Livingsky Ministries