Do Boys Wear Pink

© 2008 Robert Lydiate

Do boys wear pink? It seems not so!
For all the men tell them so
"Not in your clothes or fingernails
Not even on your little toenails
It's not for us, it's just for them
And if you wear it, you're one of them
Go join them, run with prissy stride
Your manhood's gone, you've lost your pride
Your words will lose their manly edge
Between you and us will drive a wedge
So go ahead, if you really dare
Show us that you do not care
To stand with us against the tide
And from you too, we will then hide
It's your shame if you go
And we will forever tell you so
The color pink says you're no man
You are not in God's redemptive plan

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©2007 Livingsky Ministries