My Fear

© 2008 Robert Lydiate

Wow, what a mess, what am I doing?
Fooling around with this deep heart stuff
What a fool I am to think I can
Nothing I do would ever be enough

In fact, my stumbling can really hurt
The hearts unlucky to be near
When I open my mouth and choke
Failing to expose shame they hold dear

The words are there bright in my head
Flaming stars of pain from their story
I can read them so clear and strong
And wonder why all here don't see

The words are there for me to use
And this is where I must decide
Do I care enough to now pursue
And uncover the pain they hide inside

The struggle is not about their pain
But what it is that I must risk
Can I let go of years of fears
And let Jesus come and handle this

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©2008 Livingsky Ministries