A Lament

© 2010 Robert Lydiate

O Father, my Lord
Sadness overwhelms me
Pain threatens my life, my very soul
I cannot see how.....where to reach out
Cannot hear my voice
                       as I scream
                              in the darkness
Words like knives invade my soul
Lending strength to the whisper, the continuous refrain
That I am damaged goods




I strain, I fight, to find Love's light
Always shoving aside the tender touch
                   the nudge
                            the faint flicker I blowout

My struggles quiet, my thrashing stops
My battle is done, I can strive no more


In the silence, the stillness forms
And You reach out and touch

              .....my heart

                       ....my mind

                              ....my soul

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©2007 Livingsky Ministries