Foot Of The Cross

© 2007 Robert Lydiate

Before you read this, I want you to picture Jesus on the cross. His arms are outstretched and the natural place for His head is to be looking down at the foot of the cross. He was totally aware of all that you might bring to Him there, and for which He was dying. He watched to see if you would lay your burden down for Him, or if you would ignore His sacrifice and continue to hold on to it as you stood there. What will you do?

Wounded people come together
Come seek the healing of your heart
There is a place where you will find it
A place designed for you from the start

Come with your pain, with all your sorrows,
Come with your tears and with your shame
Come to the place where you can lay them
Where the Healer waits, calling you by name

It came not through His stripes of sorrow
Nor through the journey up the Hill
It came through His love and in His knowledge
It came when He did the Father's will

Upon that cross He gave up His life
Looking down at those for whom He died
The foot of the cross is where we lay them
While He watches with His pain-filled eyes

Let them drop there as you bring them
Let them fall is what you must do
Kneel and bow down in that shadow
His scars proclaim His love for you

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©2007 Livingsky Ministries